Your Oral Health: Working together with you to achieve the best outcome.

Apollonia House offers a full range of general dental services. We provide an in-depth examination of your mouth, and advice on home care. (The videos and articles are usually the starting point.)

We will discuss treatment options based on a combination what you tell us, and what we find on examination. In many cases people believe that they have problems when there aren’t any of significant concern. At other times there are issues which really should be attended to. Use of the camera will often result in a much clearer understanding of the situation, and allow well-informed decisions to be made.

We do not consider ourselves to be a “jack of all trades” in the dental profession, but prefer to work with trusted specialists when the need arises for help with more challenging situations, or even just for a second opinion.

We understand that often people are confused and bewildered by all the information which is being presented out there. We will do our best to present you with a few options whenever possible in order to identify which course of action will suit you best. Sometimes there is no need to intervene, and it may be more prudent to monitor the situation and reassess at a future date.

Treatment Options

People are often delighted to hear that the most costly option may not necessarily be the best for them. Modern materials have opened up more affordable opportunities which were either not available or not particularly successful in the past.


Dr Sivertsen and the rest of the staff here at Apollonia House are very comfortable working with children. Ideally the child’s first visit should be a routine one for an examination and familiarisation only.

Anxious children in need of treatment can often be well managed with the help of the relaxing properties of “happy gas”, thus avoiding the need for a general anaesthetic for these patients. It is important that parents/carers do nothing to increase a child’s apprehension. A parent or carer is always welcome in the room at the time of treatment. It is generally better to only have one responsible adult in the room if the child is apprehensive; too many people in the room can make the child more anxious.

Your first visit

We will usually use this appointment to get an understanding of what your present wishes are; establish what treatment has been provide in the past, and when applicable, discuss some broad options for future care.

A subsequent appointment is sometimes needed in more complex cases in order to allow time to appraise information gathered in more depth, and then present possible treatment options in greater detail.

Some people may feel embarrassed about seeing a dentist because they may not be a regular patient, or have put off their visit for a number of years.

It’s never too late to turn over a new leaf and start to pay more attention to your oral health care needs.

Regular examinations can help avoid complex and costly problems by identifying issues before they get out of hand.

Regular check-ups

Regular examinations can help avoid complex and costly problems by identifying issues before they get out of hand.

Country Folk

If you are travelling long distances from the countryside to Toowoomba, we are able to provide you with longer appointments in order to reduce the number of trips you need to make.

In order for us to allocate adequate time for your first appointment, we would like as much information as possible about any dental problems you may have. This is best done by calling us on (07) 4639 4229.


We endeavour to see all emergencies on the same day if possible. Generally we will get you out of trouble and, if necessary, will schedule another appointment to complete the treatment at a later date. Please contact us first thing in the morning if you need help, on 4639 4229.

Home Care

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Electric Toothbrush Technique