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Root Canal Therapy Toowoomba

Root Canal Therapy ToowoombaDentist Dr Rob Sivertsen has been in practice for more than three decades. You can feel confident in choosing Apollonia House Dental. We’ll take great care of you, and you’ll be in the hands of our capable, experienced team each step of the way.

What Is a Root Canal?

Brushing, flossing and yearly checkups are the most important things you can do to take care of your smile. Sometimes, an infection can happen despite your hygiene routine and is more likely to happen if you have had extensive decay or dental work in the past. If the nerve of the tooth is infected, root canal treatment is needed if an extraction is to be avoided.

What We’ll Do During a Root Canal

The first step is to have an examination so that we can determine your treatment needs. Once we’ve evaluated you and you have decided have a root canal, the procedure will be as follows:
First, the infection is cleaned out, removing all decay and bacteria from the site and a medicament is placed inside the root canal. Next, the inside of the tooth is filled. This area is called the root canal system. Finally, we’ll restore the tooth, possibly with a dental crown so that you can enjoy its full function.


Is there pain involved in getting a root canal?

When you hear the phrase “root canal,” it might make you think of pain. In today’s world of modern dentistry, that simply isn’t the case. You will be properly numbed before we begin the procedure. You won’t feel anything happening during a root canal. It’s no more uncomfortable than having a simple filling done. 

How long is an appointment for a root canal?

We provide plenty of time for every appointment, no matter which procedure you’re having done. In the case of root canals, we plan for an entire hour. That leaves plenty of time to make sure you’re fully numbed before proceeding. The infection will be fully cleaned out, the area sealed off and a crown placed in that time. 

Is there a chance the root canal won’t work?

When an infection happens, there is always a chance of recurrence. That is so no matter where the infection in your body may be. It is possible that bacteria re-enter the root canal after it has been cleaned out. Dr Sivertsen is extremely experienced and has performed many root canals successfully. In fact, his success rate is in the high 90%. You don’t need to feel concerned that your root canal won’t work. 

Why shouldn’t I get an extraction instead of a root canal?

There are a couple of reasons that a root canal is preferred to having an extraction. First, the more natural teeth you can keep, the less of a load your remaining teeth have to carry. That means you have a better chance of keeping the rest of your teeth, since the pressure put on each is spread out the more teeth you have. Each individual tooth won’t have to work as hard when there are more teeth present.

Second, having a root canal is a simpler procedure than to have a tooth replacement such as a dental implant placed into a space where a tooth has been lost. It’s more cost-effective and easier for you. There are some exceptions, however. For example, if the infection was present in a wisdom tooth, we would recommend extracting the tooth. Wisdom teeth are normally taken out and doing so wouldn’t harm the rest of your teeth. It would likely be necessary in the future to have it removed.


What if I have a complex case?

Dr Sivertsen can perform the majority of root canals Toowoomba that come into our practice. If we find that you have a particularly complex case, we are happy to refer you out. We work with a large network of specialists and will let you know who we recommend to perform your root canal.

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Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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