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Tooth Coloured (Composite) Dental Fillings

Composite Dental Fillings ToowoombaAt Apollonia House Dental, we provide contemporary dental care of the highest quality to improve and maintain your oral health. The most modern services are available to you and your family, ensuring that you benefit from the many advanced solutions in dentistry today. As a policy, Dr Sivertsen thoroughly reviews all treatment alternatives with you. The use of images from our intra-oral camera often helps you to understand what treatment is required.

Achieving a Seamless Look

The fillings in our office are made of long-lasting materials that adhere directly to your tooth’s surface, allowing less-invasive methods of placement. Each one is available in a variety of colours, so that it isn’t noticeable should anyone ever see the area that was treated. They can even be placed on teeth at the front of your mouth, as they blend in with your smile.

Types of Fillings Offered

Our practice generally uses two different types of tooth-coloured fillings, depending on the specific needs and location of your tooth.
White Fillings — Durable and aesthetic, composite fillings are made to match the tooth being treated.

Glass Ionomer Fillings — A resin-like filling made up of microscopic glass particles that bonds directly with your tooth structure and is excellent at preventing further decay, but does not look as good.

Do I Have a Cavity?

Tooth decay isn’t always noticeable, but there are common symptoms that you might notice if a cavity is beginning to form. Some of these include:
dentist check up patient

  • Sensitivity to certain types of food or drinks
  • Pain when chewing on the tooth
  • Visible discoloration
  • Food catching inside the tooth during meals
  • Feeling rough spots with your tongue

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